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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Sharp Compet 20 (CS-20A)

Early advertisement for the Hayakawa Electric Sharp Compet 20 (CS-20A)
Electronics Magazine, December, 1965

The Sharp Compet 20 was Hayakawa Electric's (Sharp) second electronic calculator, utilizing primarily Silicon transistors versus the Germanium transistors used in their first calculator, the Compet 10. Silicon transistors are faster, more efficient, and much more reliable than Germanium transistors. By the mid-1960's, Japanese semiconductor manufacturers (NEC in this case) had perfected the manufacture of Silicon-based transistors, making it possible for Sharp to be able to build the Compet 20 using the technology and still market it at a reasonable price.

The Compet 20 provides a capacity of fourteen digits (using Nixie tubes for the display), with true credit balance (negative number) handling capability. It is a four-function machine with automatic floating and fixed decimal point modes. The original sales price for the machine was around $1,050 in the US at introduction in the fall of 1965.

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