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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive
Cintra Scientist 911 Ad

Cintra Scientist 911 Ad Modern Data Magazine February, 1971

Introductory article for the Cintra 911 Statistician. The Cintra 911 was a modified version of the Cintra 909 Scientist calculator to change the function of a few of the keys to provide statistical functions. The microcode of the machine was changed to provide the statistical functions. Other than the code in the microcode ROMs, and the legends on three of the keycaps, the 909 and 911 calculators are identical. The 911 was introduced a couple of months after the 909, with the delay being the time needed to update the microcode and perform all the necessary testing to assure that the new functions always generated correct results.

After Tektronix purchased Cintra in May of 1971, the 911 was re-badged with the Tektronix name, and sold as the Tektronix 911. While the Cintra/Tektronix 909 is relatively uncommon today, the 911 is rather rare, with only a few known articles existing. The Old Calculator Museum would like to find a 911 for the museum. If you know of one of these machines, please contact the museum by clicking the EMail button in the link bar at the top of this page.