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Old Calculator Museum Advertising & Documentation Archive

Advertisement Seeking Distributors for Compucorp Calculators and Microcomputer Systems
Computerworld, August, 1976

This ad seeks US-based distributors for Compucorp Calculators and Microcomputer Systems. Interestingly, beginning in around 1971, Compucorp had developed a substantial dealer network across the US, and around the world that marketed the company's advanced electronic calculators. In 1974, due to declines in the electronic calculator industry spurred both by general economic conditions as well as huge competition in the calculator marketplace in the electronic calculator marketplace, Compucorp shut down its distributor network, terminating all distributor agreements. At around the same time, Compucorp received a $1M loan from Litton Industries (parent company of Monroe Calculating Machine Co.) and purchase of 24% of Compucorp's voting stock. The infusion of cash was used by Compucorp to fund development efforts for a line of small microcomputer systems, which the company believed would save it from the decline of the calculator industry. As a result of these developments, Compucorp, by the early part of 1976, needed to rebuild its distributor network to sell the new small computer systems, along with its established line of electronic calculators. This advertisement is part of the company's campaign to re-establish its distributor network.