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Brother Model 412 (Calther/Procal) Electronic Calculator Marketing Flyer

This is an advertising flyer for the Brother ProCal 412, probably from the 1969 timeframe. Sincere thanks to Ian Ley for donating this original document to the museum.
This flyer is for the Brother Procal 412, which appears to be a slightly updated version of Brother's first electronic calculator introduction, the Brother Calther 412. The ProCal 412 is almost identical to the Calther 412, with the exception that the ProCal offers a true constant ([K] key) for both multiply and divide, while the Calther 412 provides repeating constant ([R] key) for multiplication only. It seems that the model name "Calther" didn't go over too well for some reason, and Brother ditched the term, and replaced it with ProCal sometime during the life of the 412. During Brother's brief foray into the electronic caclulator market, all future machines were marketed under the "ProCal" identification.
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