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MITS 816

Image Courtesy Steve Shepard

The museum is looking for the a MITS (which stood for Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) 816 calculator. The 816 was MITS' first electronic calculator, offered as a kit, or as a fully assembled calculator. It was announced first in the November, 1971 issue of Popular Electronics magazine, as a construction article. The calculator utilized Japanese-made (Iseden) Vacuum Fluorescent display tubes, and an 6-chip calculator chipset made by Electronic Arrays. The machine offered the unusual capability of providing calculation results to 16 digits via a key on the keyboard that swapped the display between the lower and upper eight digits of results. For more information, see the Old Calculator Web Museum Exhibit on the MITS 7440 calculator, a later desktop scientific calculator offered by MITS, also as a kit or fully assembled.