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News Archive - Mathatronics Mathatron "Mod II" Introduction

Mathtronics Mathatron Mod II Announcement
Computers and Automation, December, 1966

This article talks of essentially a new version of Mathatronics' Mathatron electronic calculators, known as the "Mod II" or Model II. The modifications involved some changes to the logic planes of the machine to support additional keyboard functions, as well as addition of "pre-programmed" magnetic core memory that contains programs for higher level math functions such as trignonometric calculations, logarithms, and even the ability for customers to request custom-written programs that could be coded into the core memory procedure storage. Along with these changes, there were also some modifications to the I/O capabilities of the calculator to allow interfacing to a wider variety of peripheral devices than the original Mathatron 4-24 and 8-48 calculators.