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Friden EC-130 "Computer Printout", 1964

Friden EC-130 Computer Printout (1964)

This document is an internal Friden document that documents the signals used, logic gate connectivity, and component connectivity for the AD (Four Counter) version of the Friden EC-130 electronic calculator. This document has not been decoded as yet in terms of how to read/interpret the content. It is presented here in hopes that it will solicit discussion and perhaps lead to the document being "decoded". If you have comments or questions about this document, please contact the curator of the museum. The first section (glossary) appears to define all of the signal names used in the machine. The second section (logic schematic), appears to define the machine in terms of its logic elements (gates, inverters, flip flops), and how the logic elements are interconnected. The last section (construction file) appears to define the actual component netlist.

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